Tunsgate Green 250

Tunsgate Green is the most delicate of our greens with a big dose of yellow pigment which makes it extremely versatile. It can be used as a wall colour when contrasted with All White to create the most refreshing of rooms, or as a neutral against darker greens to create a balanced feel as found in nature. White & Light Tones Undercoat.

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Estate ® Emulsion – Muurverf binnen, Estate Eggshell – Hout en metaal binnen, Exterior Eggshell – Hout en metaal buiten, Exterior Masonry Paint – Muurverf buiten, Modern Eggshell / Floor Paint – Hout en beton binnen, Full Gloss – Houtwerk en muren binnen/buiten, Limewash colour – Muren binnen en buiten, Modern Emulsion – Muurverf binnen, Dead Flat – Hout, metaal en muren binnen


100 ML, 750 ML, 2,5 L, 5 L