Light Blue 22

Light Blue has a fabulous silvery look to it when used in areas deprived of light so is very popular for use on the walls of internal halls, especially when the remainder of the house is painted in the cooler more neutral greys. When used in well lit areas it feels peaceful and calming especially when paired with a soft white like Slipper Satin.
Recommended  Primer & Undercoat: Mid Tones

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Estate ® Emulsion – Muurverf binnen, Estate Eggshell – Hout en metaal binnen, Exterior Eggshell – Hout en metaal buiten, Exterior Masonry Paint – Muurverf buiten, Modern Eggshell / Floor Paint – Hout en beton binnen, Full Gloss – Houtwerk en muren binnen/buiten, Limewash colour – Muren binnen en buiten, Modern Emulsion – Muurverf binnen, Dead Flat – Hout, metaal en muren binnen


100 ML, 750 ML, 2,5 L, 5 L